You can save Rs.1000 or its multiples in One ID. No maximum amount capping for One ID.

Easy Payments

You can pay in monthly installments on every month before 10th of Calendar month.

Quality Assurance

Maintaining strict quality control measures is our core competency in our business.

Knowledgable Staff

We have a team of knowledgeable and well-trained staff members who can guide you.


How this Gold Scheme Works ?

You just need to pay Rs.1000/- each month. You need to pay for 12 Months. On the end of 12th Month, you will get 3 Grams of Gold.

  • Monthly Due Date

    You have to pay the due before 10th of Every Calendar Month. On failing that you will not get any benefits.

  • Monthly Payouts

    You will get level income from 10 levels. You will get this income in a monthly basis. You will also get Rewards for your referrals.


    10th of Every Month. All income will be accumulated until 10th of Every month and paid on subsequent working days.


Are you looking for a convenient and systematic way to invest in gold? Look no further! Our Gold Monthly Savings Scheme is designed to help you accumulate gold over time while enjoying the benefits of regular savings. Whether you are planning for your future, diversifying your investment portfolio, or simply want to own a valuable asset, our scheme offers you a hassle-free approach to acquire gold on a monthly basis.